Northpoint Veterinary Hospital

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Bolton, ON L6R 0T9


Anesthesia and Pain Monitoring


At Northpoint Veterinary Hospital the health and safety of your pet is our primary concern. We follow standard veterinary anesthetic protocols that meet all requirements outlined by the industry. Anesthesia is carefully monitored by our veterinarians; your pets are in great hands!


What we monitor during anesthesia:

  • Anesthetic Depth
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Body Temperature
  • Respiration


Anesthetic Risk Assessments


All patients are examined before undergoing anesthesia. Pre-surgical blood testing is recommended for all patients undergoing anesthesia. This can help us detect any underling issues and help us select the right anesthetic protocol for your pet. Intravenous fluids can also be utilized during surgery to help maintain blood pressure, provide an emergency access to a vein, rebalance electrolytes and help with a smoother recovery.

Anesthesia and Pain Monitoring


Effective Pain Management


Effective pain control is crucial to ensure speedy recovery of the patient and reduce health complications that may arise after procedures. Post operative pain medication is recommended by our veterinarian after any surgical procedure and is mandatory.


We help in:

  • Treating the pets with physical trauma after getting an injury, wound or abscess.
  • Controlling pain during, before and after any major or minor surgery.
  • Administering appropriate medication that may be needed long term for pets suffering from any painful illness such as arthritis, dental disease and cancer.


At Northpoint Veterinary Hospital our priority is to make the stay of our four-legged friends comfortable. Our vets understand that not every pet’s health conditions are the same and each patient is treated as an individual. Safe anesthetics are used during procedures and effective pain medication is utilized to provide a smooth and fast recovery for our patients. We are here to help all pet owners understand the aesthetic process and ensure the safety of their pets.