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Puppy & Kitten Consultation


Your beloved puppy or kitten is now a precious treasure for you and your family. Pet owners want to see their infant pets grow healthier. We, at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital have been helping people achieve this goal for years. The first twelve months of a pet’s life are crucial as they grow rapidly during this period. Are you aware of an ideal puppy or kitten heath regimen during this time? We can help you through the developmental process with your puppy or kitten and we’ll make it fun too!


Our Puppy and Kitten Health Consultation includes:


  • Head to Toe Physical Examination – Physical examination tend to diagnose possible signs that might affect the health of the new born later on. The initial two or three visits will enable our vets to get an insight into your pet’s physical status.
  • Vaccination Programs – Vaccinations safeguard your pets from serious diseases strengthening their immune system. Our vets explore the best vaccination program for your pet to minimize the risk of serious ailments or infection.
  • Deworming and Parasite Control – Parasites like flea, ticks and intestinal worms can attack and harm the physical condition of your pet. Our cat and dog deworming and parasite control programs build a protective shield and help them live a healthy life.
  • Diet and Nutrition Program – Nutritional consultation is crucial for the health and well-being of your little furry family members. Our vets will suggest you what food, cooked or raw diet, you need to serve.
  • Behavioral Training – Behavioral training is the integral part of the pet consultation. These training sessions help in creating a strong bond between the pet and owner. Behavioral training enables the pet to socialize and adapt to the surroundings with ease.


Our veterinarians at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital strive hard to build a true companionship between you and your pet. Handling a new born puppy or kitten is indeed difficult especially when you lack vet knowledge. Therefore, our vets guide both the pets and their owners easily adjust with each other.