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Diagnostic Imaging Radiology


Pet diagnostic imaging and radiology services play pivotal role in diagnosing the ailments in pets. This service helps both the veterinarians and their patients in meeting the diagnostic needs. It is an effective tool available for our little adorable pets. Imaging and radiology tools use the radiation technology to pinpoint the health problems.

Northpoint Veterinary Hospital Bolton remains updated via employing the latest pet imaging technology to identify the internal health hazards. Only a good diagnosis can lead to suitable treatment.


The main aspects of Diagnostic imaging and radiology services include:


  • Radiography – This is one of the greatest diagnostic tools available for our Pet Friends. Radiography is widely called as x-ray. It presents shadowy black and white image of the internal parts. X-rays are not just a tool to see bones. It is a tool required to see any change in size or shape of an abdominal organ, presence of any potential (metal) foreign body or obstruction (intestine or stomach), any changes or lesions in the lungs, heart or spine and other lesions. This tool requires the use of intense radiation and digital plate or conventional silver films to produce black, grey or white opacities that our Veterinarian team interprets for a directed therapy.There are certain instances where we may have difficulty in interpretation. We seek specialized input from PetRays, a team of Board Certified Radiologists that respond within a few hours with their interpretation. Most X-rays are performed by physical restraint but certain situations we need the pet to be sedated or tranquilized (e.g. Hip x-rays for purpose of Hip Certification.
  • Ultrasound – On site ultrasound facility is available. We have tied up with qualified and experienced veterinarians to provide this service to our valued clients in the clinic itself.


Imaging and radiology services are crucial to inspect the internal parts of the pet’s body. Such inspection was next to impossible when these tools were not around. Our veterinarians strive to get proper images as it is extremely important. Sometimes, pets are tranquillized in order to get better images helping them address the affected area accordingly.

We, at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, have new equipments to detect and treat the internal injuries of your pets. Out vets are experienced and competent to handle major pet ailments.