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Preventive Care


At Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, we provide preventive health care services for pets. Our vets make sure your pets stay comfortable and relaxed while they receive their health inspection. Our qualified staff, effective pet health care services along with latest medical equipment ensures absolute pet care and safety. Our goal is to offer preventive healthcare checks that are affordable and convenient for both pet owners and pets.


Our Preventive Pet Care Services


  • Periodic Vaccination – Periodic vaccination is advisable to keep your pets disease-free, healthy and happy. Vaccines prevent diseases and make their immune system robust. Our vets will schedule a vaccination plan especially customized to meet your pet’s lifestyle and environment.
  • Protection from Parasites – Parasites can easily make your pets their home; adversely affecting their health. Thus, parasite protection becomes crucial for healthy lifestyle of your pet. Preventive methods are effective, safe and affordable allowing pets to live a healthy life.
  • Annual Health Check-Ups – The health condition of your pet changes drastically as they grow faster than humans. Therefore, annual veterinary visits for younger or matured pets are strongly recommended. Pet owners need to take their cat or dog on a diagnostic visit twice a year especially when they have aged pets.
  • Special Health Screenings for Senior Pets – A comprehensive health examination of senior pets is executed at our labs. We completely rely on lab results to understand every single aspect that can eventually affect your pet’s health. It helps our vets in Bolton diagnose the critical ailments at an earlier stage. We believe in educating clients about what’s good or bad for their pets. Our veterinarians provide proper nutrition and exercise plan to keep the pets healthy.
  • Weight and Health Management – People generally overlook those crucial aspects essential for the pet’s overall growth. Many pets across Canada suffer from obesity as they lack exercise regimen and have poor feeding habits. Overweight pets are vulnerable to numerous health hazards including arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases etc. At, Northpoint Veterinary hospital in Bolton, our veterinarians give due emphasis to proper diet and regular exercise.
  • Oral Health Care – Just like humans, oral health care is essential for pets too. Ignorance to pet dental care can lead to bad breath, damaged teeth, tartar and other health hazards. Our vets render a wide variety of dental services at our clinics assuring your pets leave the clinic with zero dental issues.


We, at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, aim to provide compassionate pet medical services. The ultimate vision is to keep your pets healthy. You can easily avail our preventive health care services across at our animal hospital in Bolton with a personal appointment.