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Spay / Neuter


At Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, our vets understand the importance of spaying and neutering. Statistics reveals that around 60% puppies and kittens are unwanted and abandoned. Spay/neuter is the only effective alternative to minimize this drastic number of animals seeking shelter and food for living. Apart from reducing population, spay/neuter also render quality health services to the animals.

It is advisable to the pet owners to spay/neuter their dogs or cats to safeguard them from serious health hazards or over-population.


Benefits of spay/neuter


  • Prevent unintentional mating
  • Prevents breast cancer and prostate disease later in life
  • Prevents uterine infections and testicular cancer
  • In certain situations prevents behavior issues


What do we do?


We strongly recommend spaying and neutering around 5-6 months of age. This is ideal before puberty is reached. Though done routinely, these are major procedures. We recommend all pets to have pre-surgical blood work done and be placed on intravenous fluids to minimize anesthetic risk. All surgeries are monitored by trained technicians in presence of our Doctors.

Post-operative pain control is our forte’. We don’t want our furry partners to chew away at the incision so they are protected with a neck-collar. We place sub-cutaneous sutures (hidden) to minimize irritation. Exceptions are there when skin sutures are required (very hyperactive dogs, very large breed dogs)




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