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Behavioral Consultation


Pets can have a variety of behavior issues. There are several factors that affect your pet’s behavior including age, surroundings, health, diet and many more!In a lot of cases behavioral issues are due to stress.

Apart from mental conditions, behavioral changes are also the outcome of some physiological problems such as pain or discomfort. The first step in a behavioral consultation is a full physical examination to rule out any physiological factors that may be present.


Animal Behavioral Consultation


At Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, our vets undertake behavior consultation for both cats and dogs. Our veterinarians have adequate knowledge about animal behavior and veterinary medicine that assist us in:

  • Diagnosing and then addressing the physical problems leading to behavioral changes.
  • Identifying core reasons of behavior issues as per our Veterinary principles.
  • Customize effective strategies to eliminate the causes of behavior changes.
  • Prescribe medications, products and diets to help relieve stress.

Things We Do Before Behavior Consultation


We will ask you some questions about your pet’s lifestyle and behavior. This session prior to behavior consultation is crucial as its gives us an insight into pet’s life. The more information we get, the easy it becomes for us to diagnose and treat the issue.


What to Expect During a Behavior Consultation of your Pet


The consultation will take place here at our clinic and you will be asked questions about your pet’s lifestyle, behavior patterns and any recent changes that may have been made.


After consultation our Veterinarian will:

  • Discuss the diagnosis and medical care required for the pet if necessary
  • Undertake some behavior modification strategies meeting pet’s requirements.
  • Discuss or schedule additional consults as per you and your pet’s needs