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Physical Exam & Vaccines


Nowadays, pets live a longer and healthier live than before due to a wide range of vaccines safeguarding them from numerous fatal diseases and infections. Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of pets over the years. They effectively improve the immune system of your pets enabling them to fight diseases.

Pet vaccination programs have a high success rate that significantly reduces the animal death figures. It is strongly recommended to undertake your pets for periodic physical examination and vaccination after birth to keep them protected.


Pet Vaccination


There are numerous vaccines available for dogs and cats. Some are core vaccines that are crucial for the pets whereas some are optional prescribed as per the vulnerability to the diseases. Vaccine recommendation depends on the age, food habits and surroundings of the pets. Our veterinarians hold extensive knowledge about veterinary vaccines aiming to keep your pets healthy. They are dedicated to reducing risk of infectious disease and promoting overall healthy lifestyle.


What Vaccine to Administer at What Time?


Your veterinarian can guide you about what vaccine the pet requires during first few weeks of the birth. Pets are undertaken for numerous health check-up programs to diagnose the possible symptoms of disease.

Our experienced vets, after analyzing the pet, administer the vaccination program. They consider various factors prior any vaccination. Your pet’s health is the key priority of our vets.


Vaccination for Dogs


  • Core Vaccines: DHPP, Rabies, Distemper, Para Influenza, Hepatitis & Parvovirus
  • Non-Core Vaccines: Bordotella, Lyme Disease Vaccine and Leptospira Vaccines


Vaccination for Cats


  • Core Vaccines: Rabies, FVRCP
  • Non Core Vaccines: Felv, Chlamydia, FIP
  • Get your Kittens examined for existence of any viral diseases prior to vaccination.
  • Two vaccine doses are advisable for cats of 16 weeks of age with difference of 3-4 weeks. The final vaccine dosage is given after completing 1 year.


We, at Northpoint Vet, organize vaccination programs for every type of pet. We help you maintain a vaccine chart that keep you updated about what vaccine the pet requires at what age. Our veterinarians bestow healthy and happy life to pets by administering vital pet vaccines on time.