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Heartworm, Fleas & Other Parasites

Parasites are organisms that attach themselves to your pets and dwell on their bodies. As the summer approaches, the parasites start emerging in large numbers making your pets their new home. Fleas, ticks, worms and more come together in action infecting your beloved pet.

Parasites differ in kinds and have numerous adverse affects on your pets. For instance, heartworms directly attack your pet’s heart and can damage it permanently if not detected at an earlier stage. Similarly, other kind of parasites can adversely affect the respiratory, digestive and other vital organs of the pet’s body. Mostly mouth, ears, eyes of the pets are vulnerable to parasite attacks.


Measures for Prevention and Treatment for Different Types of Parasites


  • Heartworms – Heartworms get injected into pet’s body during mosquito bites. These worms grow, feed and multiply inside the pet’s body and gradually affect the various organs by passing through blood vessels. A simple blood test can efficiently detect the presence of heartworms inside the pet’s body. Our vets in Bolton suggest required medication to stop these worms breed inside the pet body.
  • Fleas – Fleas are darkish brown insects breeding under the pet’s skin. Once they start feeding, they can grow around 150 times of their normal length. If your pet is scratching its body consistently, there are high chances of flea infestation. These fleas may irritate the pet causing a lot of discomfort. You can spray flea insecticides to sanitize your home. Anti-flea collars can safeguard your pets from becoming victims of fleas.
  • Ticks – Ticks don’t like to travel much. They just hop-on to your pet to suck its blood. After feeding blood, they will detach and fall off themselves. While feeding, ticks inject some toxins onto the host’s body which can lead to diffusion of nervous system. The failure of nervous system can eventually paralyze your pets. Tick collars and sprays can safeguard the pets from ticks. Cats are more sensitive to ticks. Thus, daily grooming can help them get rid of any potential tick attacks.
  • Intestinal Worms – Intestinal worms are the most common and often ignored class of parasites. They directly attack the intestines and digestive system of the host body. Anti-worm sprays should be applied onto the kittens and puppies after every 2 weeks till they grow 12 weeks old. The process must be repeated once every three months. Daily grooming is necessary to avoid intestinal worm attacks.


Heartworm Life Cycle

Parasite can attack your pets anytime causing serious health hazards. Parasitic attack must not be ignored. Keep your house protected from these hazardous bugs by spraying anti-parasite spray.

We, at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, are a team of experienced vets in Bolton safeguarding the animals from parasitic attack.