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Microchip Application


As per studies, every year thousands of pets go missing. If your pet is not properly identified they have a decreased chance of returning home! Sometimes tags and collars become damaged and unreadable making identification very difficult. Microchips are the safest and most reliable form of identification.


How Microchips are Helping Owners Tack Lost Pets


A microchip is as small as a grain of rice implanted underneath the pet’s skin. It is reliable, safe and the whole implantation process is minimally invasive and takes only a few minutes. Each microchip is unique holding a different identification number. It also carries the important information about the pet including the name, address and contact details of the pet owner. All veterinary clinics and shelters are equipped with scanners to easily identify a pet.


Benefits of Microchip Implantation


  • Quick implantation with minimal pain
  • 25 years reliability
  • Instant identification with scanner
  • Permanent
  • Safe, easy and effective
  • Reunite the pets and pet owners
  • Compatible microchips
  • Budget-friendly


Your Pet’s Trustworthy Companion


We, at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital render reliable microchip implantation. Don’t hesitate to adopt this advanced, safe and effective way of identifying your pets. If your pet has a microchip already don’t forget to keep your information on file current!