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Pet Insurance


You have insurance right? So why not your pet too. However, pet insurance can be the best decision benefiting you and your pet. Pet owners can save a lot from the routine check-ups and emergency treatments. Pet insurance keeps you confident that you can avail appropriate resources keeping you afloat during any pet health emergency.


Benefits of Pet Insurance


Pet Insurance – A Helping Hand during Emergency

Pet insurance cover minor to major medical expenses such as: accidents, health emergencies, severe illness or any unforeseen condition. Regular or periodic veterinary visit can drown you deep neck into financial tides. However, pet insurance can cover all the medical expenses including surgeries, x-rays, hospitalization, lab tests, and veterinary medicines and more. Though the insurance doesn’t provide 100% coverage but most definitely reimburse around 80% of the total pet medical expenses.


Periodic Health Checkups


Another great benefit of pet insurance is that you get coverage for periodic check-ups and preventive methods as well. There are various insurance companies across Canada offering ‘wellness plans’. These wellness plans give pet owners the opportunity to get their pets examined for any kind of ailment at the earliest stage.


Pet Insurance = Peace of Mind


Once you sign a pet insurance, you can take a sigh of relief as you are exempted from paying off the emergency pet health expenses. The insurance company will abide by you helping in paying the medical expenses – minor or major. Without a pet insurance, you can find yourself struggling with the huge financial implications bought on by soaring pet health care expenses. Pet insurance will allow you to avail best health services for your adorable pets without worrying about the expenses.


Get Your Pet Insured Today


As now you are well aware of the benefits of getting your pet insured, the next step is to find a reliable pet insurance policy. Remember that not every policy is meant for every pet. Choose a policy that meets your expectations rendering best coverage plans. Always understand the core points of a policy thoroughly to be confident about the policy. Explore the market well to find out if you or your pet can get discounts or any other benefit along with the policy.

We, at Northpoint Veterinary Hospital, provide necessary information along with policy plans that help clients decide the perfect pet insurance policy. Our experienced veterinarians also suggest reliable plans after inspecting the health condition of your pet. We strive to render reliable pet health care services within budget.