Northpoint Veterinary Hospital

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Nutrition and Weight Management


Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle plays a pivotal role in overall health of your pet.


Our Pet Nutritional Services


Many conditions and disease can be controlled and benefit from prescription diets. A high quality diet with high quality ingredients helps keep your pet healthy. At Northpoint Veterinary Hospital we strive hard to educate all our clients on the importance of nutrition.


Prescription Diets we provide:


  • Urinary
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Diabetic
  • Kidney/Liver
  • Weight loss/Weight Management
  • Puppy/kitten
  • Adult
  • Dental
  • Senior
  • Allergy/skin


Weight and Obesity Management


More and more pets are becoming overweight. Do you know how many times to feed your pet per day? Do you know how many calories that they should consume? How about the amount of exercise they should be engaging in per day? We can design a weight loss program specifically for your pet to help them achieve an ideal body condition score. An obese pet has an increased risk for heart disease, mobility issues, skin issues and more! Help them achieve a healthy weight today!